Delivering Software Projects on Time and on Budget

Through Project Management Excellence and Expert Teams

What do we offer?

We give you a peace of mind

Software Development

We are seasoned software professionals with a proven track record of delivery and technical understanding of the most complex projects.

We have built up personal connections with teams we trust. We are ready to activate these teams for your projects based on technical and industry knowhow that fits your projects exactly.

Our primary team partner and provider is Operating from India, with 6 worldwide development centers, Gateway is a leading provider of IT excellence.

Project Management

We are happy to work with your current technology partners, internal resources or current outsouring teams to start new projects or guide existing projects safely to harbour.

If you don't have an outsourcing partner already, we can navigate you through the process of working with Gateway Technology Labs or any other partner of your choice, making sure that you touch the ground running.

We take great pride in being somewhat passionate about having the correct information at all times - making the project process transparent and informative for all stakeholders. We believe that this applies to all types of projects and process models.


We are happy to share what we know. Whether you are building or improving your IT infrastructure, setting up new development teams or just getting started on a new IT project touching on technologies you are not familiar with, we can help.

We are experts on the software development and software service process and believe that that a good process gives people a peace of mind and makes the workday better for everyone involved. Repeatability and visible processes which everybody can count on are of great importance when improving the efficiency of software teams.

Whether setting up a simple idea box in Outlook or implementing a multi-continent service desk in JIRA, we have been there, we share your pain and we are here to help when you need us.

These are a few of our favorite things

We are at our best when working with technologies we have hands-on experience with. We have sat through countless nights excited about new technology or tearing our hair out over some technology that does not work to our liking.

  • Native mobile: Objective C (IOS), Java (Android), C# (Windows), Xamarin, IIX + Cordoba, HTML5, ActiveScript
  • Enterprise software C++, C#, Java, Python, ...
  • WebTechnologies:, jQuery, Angular, React.js
  • Database technologies: MSSQL, Oracle
  • Infrastructure and process management: Jira, Confluence, Bitrix, bugtracking systems, time tracking and reporting.

Contact us, let's have a cup of coffee, we have plenty of more stories to share.

Why are we here?

You ...

  • ... have a busy schedule and are running a lot of important projects, which are difficult to keep on track
  • ... know how to deliver but serious software talent is getting more difficult to find and expensive to hire
  • ... are pressed to make miracles happen but are given limited budget and time

We ...

  • ... assist in internal project organization and management
  • ... take on the project management role when working with your customers or technology vendors
  • ... give you a complete peace of mind by overtaking a part of your project portfolio development and/or maintenance

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